How to Make Melt and Pour Soap: Honeybee Glitter Recipe

In this article, you will learn how to make melt and pour soap! Melt and pour soap is a great choice for beginners because it requires no lye or other caustic materials. It also has many benefits which we’ll discuss in more detail in a second. Melt and pour soap is a great way to make your own personalized soaps […]

Vanilla Latte Soap For Your Coffee Lover

Allow these vanilla latte soap bars to awaken your senses every morning with the sweet and energizing aromas of vanilla and coffee or make these Vanilla Latte Soap For Your Coffee Lover friend or family member. This recipe will make 4 soap bars, enough to tide you over for quite some time or great for tucking into that gift basket! […]

How To Make Layered Soap: Refreshing Eucalyptus Bars

How To Make Layered Soap? I’m not saying our Layered Eucalyptus Soap will do all of these things, but eucalyptus is known for helping Arthritis – potentially due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It can alleviate a blocked nose. It soothes wounds and burns. Some studies show that it even might help lower blood sugar. Personally? I just love the smell. […]

A Natural Remedy for Eczema

Eczema can be a bothersome and painful condition that many people of different ages have to deal with. The symptoms of eczema include rashes and itchiness that most often affects the hands, feet, knees, face, and scalp. There is no cure for eczema (also known as dermatitis), but many people have found a natural Remedy for Eczema to manage the […]

Melt and Pour Soap for Sensitive Skin: Oatmeal & Honey

Melt and Pour Soap for Sensitive Skin?If you have ever read the ingredients on a bar of soap? You will see why it is so fantastic to make your own! This Oatmeal & Honey Soap for Sensitive Skin is a perfect companion for the largest organ your body has: your skin! Some people have sent me messages to ask why […]

How to Make Glycerine Soap: Apricot, Mango & Peach Scented

How to Make Glycerine Soap? Here it is July and I am working on the stack of gifts that I will be passing out to friends and family over the holidays. This Apricot, Mango & Peach Soap is the perfect ticket to pop in that DIY Spa basket that you whip together. With the subtle peach-mango fragrance and slight exfoliation […]

Cucumber Melon Sugar Scrub Bars

We all know that cucumbers have great hydrating and healing properties, used from everything to help soothe a sunburn to toning down those bags under eyes that haven’t had enough sleep. Combine that with the power of exfoliation with a sugar scrub? That is what makes these Cucumber Melon Sugar Scrub Bars so fantastic! Cucumber Melon Sugar Scrub Bars To […]