How to Have Fuller, Shinier Hair

Would you like to have fuller, shinier hair? Who wouldn’t want healthier looking hair? The thing is, many just don’t understand what makes your hair healthy in the first place (or what things are keeping it unhealthy). There are many things that we cannot control that affect our hair. Things like genetics, the weather, and even pollution can have an […]

Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil

We’ve heard about the latest rage in the use of coconut oil in beauty routines, but if you have not tried it out or are reluctant to shell out $9 to $12 dollars for a jar of the stuff, then the Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil 2oz. bottle is your perfect segue. Not only does it work out well as a […]

Product Review: ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo

I’ve always had pretty manageable, even keeled hair. It wasn’t too thick, or too thin, not overly curly but did have a bit of a wave too it, not too straight and stiff. Just middle range, easy hair. That all changed after I had my baby. I had been warned by other mom friends that this could happen, my hair […]