DIY Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub Recipe

I just love making my own cosmetic treats and using them in gift baskets to pamper others! Today I share with you my DIY Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub Recipe as summer is so harsh on our lips that it is smart to be prepared! Who doesn’t want soft and supple, totally kissable lips? The trick to starting is a quick […]

Best Facial Toner for Oily Skin

Summer is here! Time for some beach fun and BBQs. It might not be much of a celebration for those of you trying to keep your oily skin from looking too greasy and shiny. Definitely not sexy. If that’s you, you probably already have a facial toner in your beauty drawer, but is it doing its job? Things expire. Your […]

What Is Facial Toner Used For?

We’ve all heard about facial toner. I’ll bet you’ve probably got a few in your bathroom drawer as part of a free gift set you got from buying really expensive makeup. Well maybe not you, but I have quite a few hanging around since lord knows when and had never gotten into the habit of using them. Which led me […]

Face Masks for Every Budget

Face masks really are for everyone. Whether you have normal, oily, combination, sensitive, acne prone or otherwise skin, there’s something for you and they should be an active part of your beauty routine. Ideal for hydration, wrinkle fighting and a slew of other great benefits, you’ll find that they can do wonders for whatever ails your skin. Like all other […]

You’ve Been Washing Your Face All Wrong!

Most of us probably don’t realize that we have been washing your face the wrong way. Which brings up the questions, “There’s a wrong way to clean your face?” And “Cleaning is cleaning, right?” Think again. While regular cleansing is obviously a good habit to have, there may be a few things in your routine that are actually be harmful […]

Best Ways to Combat Dry Skin

Although dry skin tends to rear its ugly head more so in the colder months of fall and winter when there is less moisture in the air, it can be a year round concern for many. Those who reside in drier climates such as the desert or mountains, can often find themselves constantly in battle with keeping their dermis smooth […]

Product Review: Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

There are so many types and brands of green teas on the market these days. Which one to choose can be an arduous selection process. When you’re looking for DIY type home remedies to incorporate into your beauty routine, we would recommend going the organic route. Natural is best, especially if you have sensitive skin, who knows how your body […]