DIY Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub Recipe

I just love making my own cosmetic treats and using them in gift baskets to pamper others! Today I share with you my DIY Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub Recipe as summer is so harsh on our lips that it is smart to be prepared! Who doesn’t want soft and supple, totally kissable lips? The trick to starting is a quick […]

How to Make Homemade Shaving Cream

Buying store-bought shaving cream is easy, sure I can admit that. But have you ever really looked to see what was in it? Most of the time they are made of chemical ingredients which seem to use every letter of the alphabet at least 2 times, of which I clearly cannot pronounce without getting tongue tied and utterly exhausted. With […]

Best Facial Toner for Oily Skin

Summer is here! Time for some beach fun and BBQs. It might not be much of a celebration for those of you trying to keep your oily skin from looking too greasy and shiny. Definitely not sexy. If that’s you, you probably already have a facial toner in your beauty drawer, but is it doing its job? Things expire. Your […]

What Is Facial Toner Used For?

We’ve all heard about facial toner. I’ll bet you’ve probably got a few in your bathroom drawer as part of a free gift set you got from buying really expensive makeup. Well maybe not you, but I have quite a few hanging around since lord knows when and had never gotten into the habit of using them. Which led me […]

Spring Beauty Colors to Incorporate into Your Look

Today’s trends differ from those in years past in that it’s no longer faux pas to continue to wear shades more typically associated with winter or fall. The bold lip color look is still in style, so who says you have to succumb to a lighter palette when the temperature warms up? Find out what’s hot for this year’s spring […]

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become an increasingly popular health trend. Numerous articles have been written touting its abilities as a weight loss aid to killing bacteria and certain type of viruses. The abundance of research has shown that coconut in indeed a superfood. But were you aware that coconut oil is being used for beauty purposes as well? It may feel […]

Product Review: Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

There are so many types and brands of green teas on the market these days. Which one to choose can be an arduous selection process. When you’re looking for DIY type home remedies to incorporate into your beauty routine, we would recommend going the organic route. Natural is best, especially if you have sensitive skin, who knows how your body […]