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Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil

Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil

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We’ve heard about the latest rage in the use of coconut oil in beauty routines, but if you have not tried it out or are reluctant to shell out $9 to $12 dollars for a jar of the stuff, then the Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil 2oz. bottle is your perfect segue. Not only does it work out well as a testing size bottle, but it also fits nicely into your purse or pocket. I have recently tried coconut oil in a DIY face scrub I made for a girls night in with some friends, and this bottle certainly came in handy. All the hype surrounding coconut oil has been legitimate for me, I’ve tried it as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner, both with amazing results. If you look at some of the ingredients in your beauty products, you might actually already see coconut oil listed as an ingredient. I’ve always believed that as close to natural as possible is better, so this is as close as you can get. Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil is 100% pure oil, no added water, preservatives or any other chemical ingredients that can harm you. Most definitely worth a try, especially if the price is right like this product is at just under $3.

Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil

Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil

From the Manufacturer:
Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil is used to condition both hair and scalp, reduces dandruff. Also can be used as a body massage oil.

– Fatty acids found in Coconut oil can help reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barrier
– Also very effective when used as a lip balm or anti-fungal cuticle treatment
– If oil is mixed with sugar or salt it can be used as a body exfoliant
– Gives skin a softer more supple appearance and feel
– Leaves skin with a luxuriously smooth finish
– Can be used as a makeup remover
– Helps to lock in moisture