The Benefits of Retinoids

Let’s start off with the basics and define what exactly retinoids are. They consist of vitamin A derivatives which have a bevy of benefits such as unclogging pores, boost collagen, and rapidly recover damaged cells by evening skin tone and smoothing skin. The first retinoid, tretinoin, was put on the market as a prescription to help combat acne 40 years […]

Why You Should Use Organic Skin Care Products

The natural and organic movement has seen a huge resurgence in recent times.  From our food, household items, clothing and everything in between, consumers are finding additional ways to lead more holistic and green lifestyles.  As such, the organic beauty product industry has also experienced an exponential growth as the demand increases. There is virtually little governance from the Food […]

Do You Need Peptides?

Peptides have become a keyword staple in many high end beauty related products but do you even know what they are? Do they work? And, more importantly, do you even need them? Essentially, peptides have the same chemical structure as proteins, but their compounds are not as long. Take a look at any cosmetic label and you may see them […]

5 Toxic Ingredients to Be Aware of In Your Beauty Products

The news is regularly littered with stories of food recalls and bouts of food poisoning related issues, but were you aware that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also responsible for regulating the beauty industry as well? Unlike the food industry, the ingredients used for products you spread all over your face and body are not nearly under as […]