Melt and Pour Soap for Sensitive Skin: Oatmeal & Honey

Melt and Pour Soap for Sensitive Skin: Oatmeal & Honey

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Melt and Pour Soap for Sensitive Skin?If you have ever read the ingredients on a bar of soap? You will see why it is so fantastic to make your own! This Oatmeal & Honey Soap for Sensitive Skin is a perfect companion for the largest organ your body has: your skin!
Oatmeal & Honey Soap for Sensitive Skin
Some people have sent me messages to ask why I use silicone soap molds. The answer is easy – they hold up better. The plastic see-through ones that are often used for making chocolates and candy? They simply don’t hold up as well if you want to make more than 1-2 batches. Seriously, once you try making your own soap, you will not be buying the stuff in the grocery store that is full of different chemicals! My recipe will make 6 oval bars if you are using the same mold that I link to.

7 Nifty Reasons For Making Hand Made Soap

I love making my own handmade soap. I enjoy using it myself and I adore giving it as gifts to family and friends. They always say Wow! when I tell them I made it myself.

Here are 7 nifty reasons for making handmade soap.

  1. It’s fun. Making your own handmade soap can be a lot of creative fun.

  2. You control the ingredients. That means your soap can be full of high quality, good stuff for your skin and not full of harsh, nasty chemicals.

  3. You choose the color. You can make your soap any color you want! Even lime green, if you like that color.

  4. You control the scent. If you want to make unscented soap you can. If You want to make highly scented soap you can. If you want to think up an interesting scented and colored soap, such as lemon meringue, you can.

  5. You control the shape of the soap. There are all kinds of soap molds available; hearts, flowers, seashells, even gingerbread men!

  6. If you’re stuck thinking of a gift for someone, you can make them some wonderful handmade soap. The recipient should love a gift of gorgeous soap nestled in tissue paper in a pretty gift box. They should be even more impressed when you tell them you made it yourself!

  7. The satisfaction you derive from making something that’s creative and useful. You don’t have to rely on the stores to provide your soap; you can provide it for yourself and others.

Be warned that soap-making is an addictive hobby! I have fun thinking up new scent and color combinations, wondering if they’ll work, and when they do, it’s an awesome feeling. Soapmaking encourages my creativity and I’m sure it will encourage yours as well!

Melt and Pour Soap for Sensitive Skin: Oatmeal & Honey

Why do we use oatmeal? We use oatmeal in this recipe to provide a gentle exfoliant, leaving your skin feeling soft. Why do we use honey? We use honey in this recipe for sweetness and to help soothe your skin. Not that we expect you to eat it, but it really makes a difference for sensitive skin.

Why do we use a goat’s milk soap base?

We use a goat’s milk soap base because it has natural cleansing properties, is gentle on the skin, and leaves your hands feeling soft. The brand we use is also an Amazon favorite – this soap is so moisturizing and hydrating. It’s perfect for winter dry skin. The best part is that it is all-natural. My skin has become so sensitive that I can’t use synthetic soaps anymore. That’s what lead me to research making soaps. I am very very picky about my melt and pour bases. I usually ONLY use SFIC. I’ve tried bases from other companies in goat’s milk, but wasn’t happy as they were all so drying despite some being detergent-free. I saw this for the price and have prime so figured why not? I’m glad I did. I’m very happy with it. As for the Shea butter, it not only provides a creamy lather but also helps to moisturize your skin.
Now let’s get to making that melt and pour soap for sensitive skin!!

Ingredients/Supplies you will need to make Oatmeal & Honey Soap:
Oatmeal & Honey Soap for Sensitive Skin
¾ pound melt & pour goats milk soap base
8 ounces rolled oats (finely ground)
4 tablespoons honey
Oval silicone mold
Large Pyrex measuring cup
Wooden stir stick

Now let’s make that Melt and Pour Soap for Sensitive Skin!
1. Grind the oats. (You can do this with a rolling pin, in the food processor, or whatever your preferred method is.)
2. Melt the soap in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir. If it is not completely melted, put it back on for 10-second increments, until fully melted.
Oatmeal & Honey Soap for Sensitive Skin
3. Add the honey and rolled oats to the soap base. Mix well.
Oatmeal & Honey Soap for Sensitive Skin
4. Poor into the silicone mold and let set for about an hour.
Oatmeal & Honey Soap for Sensitive Skin

When you pop it out, you are all set for taking care of that sensitive skin, or to add to a spa basket that you want to spoil someone with!

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