A Great DIY Home Manicure Starts with a Manicure Kit

A Great DIY Home Manicure Starts with a Manicure Kit

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Michelango didn’t wake up one day and say, “Hey, I’m going to paint the Sistine Chapel!” Painting takes practice. Painting your nails takes practice. A little time and a little patience can score you the picture perfect digits you see in the magazines. Well, almost as good as the magazines since photo-shopping your hands is not an option in real life. We’re pretty sure Michelango had a teacher or studied how to paint those cute, fat baby angels. There are great kits and product lines out there to help you pamper yourself any time you want to in the comfort of your own home and have a great DIY home manicure. No appointments necessary!

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California Mango System Manicure Kit

Steps to a Great DIY Home Manicure:

1- Clip your nails if necessary.
2- File your nails – curved or square
3- Oil the cuticles to make them soft enough to push back.
4- Soak and exfoliate to remove any dry, dead skin
5- Push back the cuticles. Don’t cut them. They protect the nail from bacteria and keep them soft.
6- Buff your nails lightly to make them look smooth
7- Moisturize your hands – Just because you’re not at a spa, doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a mini hand massage.
8- Apply a Base Coat – This will protect and hydrate the nail. Wait two minutes between each coats.
9- Apply the Polish of your choice – from the cuticle outward.
10- Apply the top coat – Sometimes a 3rd coat will be needed. A “quick dry” topcoat will allow you enjoy your new nails faster.

The beauty of the internet is that you can read up on the best methods of doing any DIY task and then purchase the supplies to do so with the quick click of your mouse. For example, read our latest blog article about our tips for great home manicures, and then give yourself one with our top recommendation: California Mango System Manicure Kit.

This awesome set includes everything you could need (minus the nail clippers) to give yourself a high quality, salon grade mani. For the price, you’ll have enough product for several months of DIY home manicure sessions and who can say no to a pampering deal like that!

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Happy Nail Polishing!

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