Protect Your Skin with the Right Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun is very important. Sun exposure leads to early signs of aging, skin cancers, and more. You probably already know that you can protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen, but do you know which ones to use? There are so many products on the marker today, it can seem a real challenge to […]

6 Foods to Avoid to Be Healthier

Are you looking to take better care of yourself? One of the best ways to do that is with the food you eat. Our food is our fuel. It’s so very important to how our body operates and functions on a daily basis. When you put in good fuel, you will get a better (healthier) output. Here are six foods […]

How to Have Fuller, Shinier Hair

Would you like to have fuller, shinier hair? Who wouldn’t want healthier looking hair? The thing is, many just don’t understand what makes your hair healthy in the first place (or what things are keeping it unhealthy). There are many things that we cannot control that affect our hair. Things like genetics, the weather, and even pollution can have an […]

Quick Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Do you work in an office all day and want to find some great ways to get moving, even when you can’t leave your desk? Or maybe you work from home, but you need to spend long hours at the computer managing and operating your business. Whatever your situation, you don’t have to worry that you won’t get proper exercise […]

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry, flaky skin is a real pain. It can be worse for some people in the winter, but it can happen at any time of year. If you’re struggling with dry skin, you know that you need to keep it hydrated. However, many lotions and moisturizers on the market today are not good for you. They can be expensive, and […]

6 Foods to Give your Skin that Healthy Glow Overnight

Lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, not getting enough sleep and following an unhealthy diet can not just affects the organs in your body, but also have a negative impact on your skin health. The result? Your skin will be left looking dull and lifeless. While there’s no alternative to following a healthy lifestyle, you can actually improve your skin health […]

Where are Essential Oils Extracted From?

Where are Essential Oils Extracted From? Well, there are three ways to extract essential oils. One of the three ways is called water distillation. The second way is called water and steam distillation. The third and final process is straight steam distillation. The way of distillation is the most common way to extra essential oils today. The variety of essential […]

What Your Feet Say About Your Health

You would be surprised to find out that a lot of information can be revealed about your health through your feet. No, we don’t mean that your feet suddenly sprouted a mouth and has been flapping their gums all day about what you have or have not been doing. We’re talking about the appearance of your feet being able to […]