5 Steps to a Great Morning Beauty Routine

5 Steps to a Great Morning Beauty Routine

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It all begins with a beautiful start to the day. Your morning beauty routine is essential to how you will look and feel throughout the entire day. If you want to give it your best face forward each day, you need a great beauty routine. This is how you do your cleaning, makeup, hair and even your outfit choices each day. What do you currently do to get ready in the morning?

There really aren’t a lot of rights or wrongs when it comes to creating your own beauty routine, and if you ask around, you’ll find there are many different ways to do it. We’re going to give you the five basic steps, and how you modify them after that is up to you!

Here are five steps to a great morning beauty routine:

1. Cleanse –
the best way to start is with a good cleaning. You need to wash away the dirt and oil that is on your face from the day before (if you didn’t wash before bed) and from sleeping. Use a quality cleanser that is not too harsh on the sensitive skin of your face.

2. Tone and Moisturize –
Next, you’ll want to clarify and condition your facial skin. You can use a great toner to wipe away dead skin cells and then you also want a layer of moisturizer. This will give you a great base when applying makeup as well.

3. Conceal and Makeup –
Next, you’ll want to conceal your redness and dark spots with a great concealer in the right tones for your skin. Then, you can continue to apply the rest of your regular makeup.

4. Hair –
Now is time to do your hair. Whether you wear it down and natural, or high in a bun, or something in between, you’ll want to have your hair prepped and ready to go. In many cases, your care completes the entire beauty look.

5. Outfit and Deodorant –
You also want to use a great deodorant to keep you dry and smelling great all day long, before closing up the morning beauty routine with a fab outfit you’ve already chosen for the day. Voila! Now you’re ready to start your day.
Now that you have these five steps to a great morning beauty routine, you’re ready to get started. Go ahead and make them your own. That’s the best part of creating a morning routine – making it something you enjoy that you can commit to day after day.