How to Make Glycerine Soap: Apricot, Mango & Peach Scented

How to Make Glycerine Soap? Here it is July and I am working on the stack of gifts that I will be passing out to friends and family over the holidays. This Apricot, Mango & Peach Soap is the perfect ticket to pop in that DIY Spa basket that you whip together. With the subtle peach-mango fragrance and slight exfoliation […]

Beauty Freebies: Is There Really Such a Thing?

A number of different product manufacturers and stores regularly offer free product samples. These free samples are also commonly referred to as freebies. Freebies come in all different size, shapes, and styles and they tend to include a number of different products. Those who just learned about freebies, possibly just like you, wonder if it is really possible to get […]

How to Make Sugar Scrub Bars That Are Lilac Scented

How to Make Sugar Scrub Bars? I have been making things like crazy to get ready for stuffing gift baskets! Bath bombs, gourmet soaps, and even these Lilac Scented Flower Sugar Scrub Bars! Not everyone knows how to use a sugar scrub bar but it couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is rub the bar onto wet skin […]

3 Top Acne Skin Care Tips For A Healthier Skin

When dealing with acne skin care, most of the medical professionals commonly suggest that people affected with acne must practice certain acne skin care methods that will help improve the condition of their skin. We asked a few for their acne skin care tips! Acne, as you may already know, is a very severe skin disorder that affects thousands of […]