Which Essential Oils Repel Bugs?

Summer is here and I swear I am fodder for the mosquitoes! That is why I wanted to find out Which Essential Oils Repel Bugs. While outside trying to enjoy a family get together, sporting event, or camping bugs can be a problem; especially if they bite or sting. Bugs can also be a problem around the house coming into […]

All-natural Homemade Sunscreen Bars

I have been looking and looking over ideas and recipes to make a lot of my own items after reading the book of my friend Leah: Green Enough. She talks about all of the toxic items we eat, eat out of and put on our skin. I really wanted to make an effort to make my family less toxic and […]

DIY Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub Recipe

I just love making my own cosmetic treats and using them in gift baskets to pamper others! Today I share with you my DIY Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub Recipe as summer is so harsh on our lips that it is smart to be prepared! Who doesn’t want soft and supple, totally kissable lips? The trick to starting is a quick […]