Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil

We’ve heard about the latest rage in the use of coconut oil in beauty routines, but if you have not tried it out or are reluctant to shell out $9 to $12 dollars for a jar of the stuff, then the Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil 2oz. bottle is your perfect segue. Not only does it work out well as a […]

DIY Lemonade Lip Balm

Many people remember the sunscreen in summer, but forget to take care of their lips! It happens all the time and it just kills me to see people with chapped lips – I always think they are so painful looking. Let’s face it, our face is one of the first things people notice and we all hope to give our […]

What Your Feet Say About Your Health

You would be surprised to find out that a lot of information can be revealed about your health through your feet. No, we don’t mean that your feet suddenly sprouted a mouth and has been flapping their gums all day about what you have or have not been doing. We’re talking about the appearance of your feet being able to […]