A Great DIY Home Manicure Starts with a Manicure Kit

Michelango didn’t wake up one day and say, “Hey, I’m going to paint the Sistine Chapel!” Painting takes practice. Painting your nails takes practice. A little time and a little patience can score you the picture perfect digits you see in the magazines. Well, almost as good as the magazines since photo-shopping your hands is not an option in real […]

Tips for Great Home Manicures

Getting a manicure in a salon or spa is awesome! Massage chair. Flipping through that magazine you didn’t want to spend money on. Oooh… Ahhh…. Then you leave, and your nails look purty. It’s a luxury that most of us can only enjoy from time to time. It is exactly that, a luxury. Not just for the financial aspect, but […]

Top Hydrating Facial Cleansers

If you’ve read our recent article about the simple ways you can combat dry skin, then you know that washing your face with a gentle cleanser is super duper important. We tried out a few facial cleansers that are both gentle to the skin and provide the necessary hydration needed to bring it back to healthy. These were the Top […]

Best Ways to Combat Dry Skin

Although dry skin tends to rear its ugly head more so in the colder months of fall and winter when there is less moisture in the air, it can be a year round concern for many. Those who reside in drier climates such as the desert or mountains, can often find themselves constantly in battle with keeping their dermis smooth […]