Our Best Water Bottle Recommendations

Lemon water is a great way to help your metabolism burn more calories. Not only for dieting reasons, but drinking lots of water throughout the day has been proven to have numerous benefits to your internal and external health. Carrying around a water bottle can help rejuvenate your skin with hydrating water, and a boost of vitamin C. If lemon […]

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Losing weight is broken down by 70% diet and 30% exercise, which is why there are so many weight loss programs promoting portion control or point systems to help you manage your diet. But, there are subtle ways you can change or include into your daily routine to help you shed those pesky pounds without having to starve yourself or […]

Makeup Palette for Spring

Spring has sprung! There is still snow in some places, but let us assure you that warmer weather is coming. While we wait for the snow to dry off or if you’re one of the lucky ones already sunning yourself on the beach, let’s discuss what type of makeup palette you will need this Spring. If you’re still using the […]

Spring Beauty Colors to Incorporate into Your Look

Today’s trends differ from those in years past in that it’s no longer faux pas to continue to wear shades more typically associated with winter or fall. The bold lip color look is still in style, so who says you have to succumb to a lighter palette when the temperature warms up? Find out what’s hot for this year’s spring […]

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become an increasingly popular health trend. Numerous articles have been written touting its abilities as a weight loss aid to killing bacteria and certain type of viruses. The abundance of research has shown that coconut in indeed a superfood. But were you aware that coconut oil is being used for beauty purposes as well? It may feel […]

Product Review: Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

There are so many types and brands of green teas on the market these days. Which one to choose can be an arduous selection process. When you’re looking for DIY type home remedies to incorporate into your beauty routine, we would recommend going the organic route. Natural is best, especially if you have sensitive skin, who knows how your body […]

Wonders of Green Tea for Your Skin

Tea as we know it, is a lovely morning or afternoon beverage enjoyed hot or on ice. There are numerous varieties to choose from and some are quite beneficial to our health such as the famous green tea. First consumed in China, it was used for medicinal purposes treating a slew of ailments from headaches to stomach aches to depression. […]