What to Eat for a Healthy Complexion

There’s some credibility to the saying “You are what you eat.” What you consume has a huge impact on not just your overall health but the way your skin looks as well. Breakouts occur when there’s bacteria or excess dirt/oil in your pores, but nutrients, or the lack thereof, can play a significant role in maintaining a healthy glow. Vitamin […]

DIY Anti-Aging Facial Scrubs

If you’re new to using facial scrubs, or not sure how your skin will react to the products currently on the market, a do-it-yourself approach to facial scrubs is a great way to get your foot in the door. The benefit of applying a facial scrub is to gently buff away at the dead skin cells to reveal your fresh […]

Beauty Ingredients That Work Wonders

Alpha Lipoic Acid When applied as a topical cream, Alpha Lipoic Acid significantly decreases circles and puffiness under the eye. Due its anti-inflammatory properties, the use of this antioxidant has resulted in reduction of facial swelling and puffiness when used regularly. 400 times more powerful than vitamins E and C combined, which are known for their antioxidant properties, Alpha Lipoic […]

The Benefits of Retinoids

Let’s start off with the basics and define what exactly retinoids are. They consist of vitamin A derivatives which have a bevy of benefits such as unclogging pores, boost collagen, and rapidly recover damaged cells by evening skin tone and smoothing skin. The first retinoid, tretinoin, was put on the market as a prescription to help combat acne 40 years […]