You’ve Been Washing Your Face All Wrong!

How to Wash Your Face the Right Way - Beauty Awesome

Most of us probably don’t realize that we have been washing your face the wrong way. Which brings up the questions, “There’s a wrong way to clean your face?” And “Cleaning is cleaning, right?” Think again. While regular cleansing is obviously a good habit to have, there may be a few things in your routine that are actually be harmful to your skin. Let’s explore some of the ways you could improve your technique when cleansing.

You've Been Washing Your Face All Wrong

Don’t Over Wash

For all you clean freaks out there who tend to either shower or like washing your face more often than you should, please read on. While it is a nice refresher and good to ensure your pores are not clogged after sweat inducing activity, keep in mind that each time you wash up you are stripping your skin of its hydrating natural oils.

Water faucet

Be Gentle

If you must wash more than than the recommended twice a day (in the morning and evenings before bed) be sure to keep it short, use mild cleansers and lukewarm water. Hot water feels great and relaxing, but it can be do more bad than good. Hot water dilates the blood vessels in our face, causing redness.

Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing Brush

Don’t Overdo It

Facial Cleansing Brushes
are excellent. They really get in there and remove all the dirt. Your skin is oooh and ahhh fresh. However, using your face cleansing brush each time you’re in front of the sink can cause irritation. Keep it simple. A typical face wash should take no more than 2 minutes unless you’re going in for a deep clean.

You've Been Washing Your Face All Wrong

Use a Clean Wash Cloths

Using a washcloth? Be sure it’s a fresh, clean one every time you wash up. Damp cloths can house bacteria and even transfer fungus onto your skin. Baby washcloths are especially useful because they are soft and gentle, plus you can buy a whole package of them for much less than standard sized ones. When drying, pat gently to dry to avoid irritation and opening up your pores to more bacteria or dirt to enter.

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