Wonders of Green Tea for Your Skin

Wonders of Green Tea for your skin

Tea as we know it, is a lovely morning or afternoon beverage enjoyed hot or on ice. There are numerous varieties to choose from and some are quite beneficial to our health such as the famous green tea. First consumed in China, it was used for medicinal purposes treating a slew of ailments from headaches to stomach aches to depression. It’s also very high in antioxidants, as well as a enzymes and amino acids. Ingesting tea would be your instinctual way to garner it’s many health benefits, however applying green tea topically has numerous beauty benefits you may not have previously known about.

Help reduce the signs of puffy eyes and dark under eye circles by placing 2 used tea bags on your eyelids. Be sure to refrigerate the tea bags for at least 30 minutes for a nice calming, cooling effect. Green tea’s vitamin K power helps to lighten dark circles and the antioxidants work to shrink the blood vessels. Repeat the process a couple of times a day for the best results.

Looking for a simple at home acne treatment? That’s right, green tea can help heal skin breakouts. It’s antimicrobial properties help ward off bacteria which ultimately clog your pores and causes pimples. Redness and inflammation generated by a breakout can be reduced as well. Simply use a cotton swab to dab about ¼ cup of fresh brewed green tea onto the affected area, let it sit for approximately 15 minutes and wash it off. Doing this daily should deter the onset of acne in no time.

Organic Jasmine Green Tea 18 tea bags
Organic Jasmine Green Tea 18 tea bags

Piggybacking off of it’s anti-inflammatory abilities, try using green tea as a way to alleviate the effects of sunburned skin. Brew 2 to 3 bags and let the tea cool in the fridge for a few hours. Take a washcloth and soak it into the tea, and gently apply to the burned area. Doing this a few times a day will aid in the reduction of redness and relieve pain.

There are many more uses of green tea for beauty purposes that we could go on and on talking about for quite some time. Reading about just these few simple remedies should convince you that green tea a highly powerful natural ingredient worth a try the next time you are looking for an easy and effective fix to a skin issue.

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