What Is Facial Toner Used For?

What Is Facial Toner Used For

What Is Facial Toner Used For

We’ve all heard about facial toner. I’ll bet you’ve probably got a few in your bathroom drawer as part of a free gift set you got from buying really expensive makeup. Well maybe not you, but I have quite a few hanging around since lord knows when and had never gotten into the habit of using them. Which led me to the question, “Wait do I even need to use one?” Leading to, “I don’t actually know what they are for.” I’ve just always kind of assumed it was good for you skin (Yes, I know what they say about assuming) but with all the other important facial care routines, it just never made it to the regular daily cycle. So, today I have decided to get to the bottom of this very intriguing question, “What is a Facial Toner For?” because inquiring beauty minds want to know!

First of all, let’s put the politically correct answer out on the table, there’s no discrimination as to who can benefit from a facial toner. It’s perfect for all skin types! Yeah! Goooo clean skin! You don’t need it at all as part of your daily regime. That’s right, you with the perfectly blemish free porcelain skin. Oh, that’s not you? I meant you with the combination oily/dry skin, yet still pretty clear skin. Still not you? Okay, okay no more beating around the bush. Facial toner is best used for those who have extremely oily skin.

Do You Need a Facial Toner?
“This is confusing!” you say, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I have always thought that facial toner was a necessary part of maintaining proper facial pH balance. This is true depending on the toner’s ingredients. However, when combined with all the other types of facial treatments people are likely to use as part of a regular routine, it’s not a necessity unless you have a excessively oily complexion. For those with normal, dry or combination skin, using a facial toner tends to dry out the skin even further thus causing the sebaceous glands to pump out more oil in an effort to prevent dehydration.

Use a toner if you have excessively oily skin and are not already using some sort of oil controlling product like a salicylic acid based lotion or an oil-absorbing cleanser. For the rest of us, toners can be used on a regular basis if you still want to incorporate them and in fact are great when you go the natural route with a DIY version. Just be sure you are not using ingredients than are known to be too drying such as alcohol if you have dry skin or those that are too oily such as glycerin if you have more oil prone skin.
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Bottom line, they can be great if you would like to include them every now and again into your routine, but not a total necessity. Saving money and looking sweet, nothing sounds better than that!

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