Tips for Great Home Pedicures

Tips for Home Pedicures - by Beauty Awesome

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of feet. They can be crusty, dry, smelly looking things that are often overlooked because they are so far to reach. It is for that reason that out of any beauty regime, keeping my toesies looking neat and nice are pretty high up on my list of priorities. Toggling between getting them done in a nail salon (I’m addicted to those massage chairs!) and doing them myself at home, I’ve found the perfect routine to creating the best at home pedicure money couldn’t buy. The world needs more pretty feet, so this is my contribution to society. (You are welcome fellow haters of yucky feet.) Without further adieu, here are my tips for great DIY home pedicures.
DIY Home Pedicures

Soaking your toes

Not only is it an excellent way to relax, but it softens up the nails and skin which will make cutting and cleaning much easier. While it’s nice to get that bubbly effect from a jetted foot soak tub, you don’t really need to spend or invest in anything extravagant. Fill a plastic tub, bucket or even your bathtub with warm water, throw in some coconut, olive or scented oils like lavender and soak for about 10-15 minutes. The oils will help soften and hydrate dry skin as well as making it easier to remove calluses. If you have some handy, try adding a bath bomb or bath salts into the soak if you desire the fizzy, jet tub like sensation.

DIY Home Pedicures

Get Rid of Ugly Calluses

If you suffer from calluses on your heels like I do, a callus removing gel is the best way to remove that stubborn dry skin. Apply the gel to your feet after soaking, wrap each foot in a plastic bag (the grocery store variety or a gallon storage bag works perfect) and wait about 5 minutes before using a thick, gritty nail file or buffer to remove the dry skin.

DIY Home Pedicures

Cut ‘Em

Next up is taking care of those toenails. The challenge for most people is getting to those suckers easily, since we’re not all born contortionists and yogis. I have found that sitting up in bed, with my feet propped up on pillows is the easiest method to reach those bad boys. Using flat mouthed nail clippers, make 3 cuts straight across, rather than following the curve of your nail. Aside from looking aesthetically neater, creating a straight line helps to control ingrown toenails from occurring in the corners.

DIY Home Pedicure

Color Me Pretty

Painting can be the most challenging part of home pedicures. There’s less surface area to work with and of course there’s that issue of dexterity to even reach your toenails without getting polish all over your toes. The best tip I ever received about painting nails from a professional was to not overdo it with the polish on the brush. Start off by lightly buffing the nail surface, followed by a layer of base coat. After a few minutes, apply a thin layer of polish making sure there’s not any globs of polish dripping off the brush when applying. Remember, you’re painting delicate, tiny nails, not frosting a cake! Thick polish will also cause bubbling and chipping to occur sooner. Depending on the color, you may need to apply 1-2 more coats of color, making sure to wait a few minutes between applications. Complete your pedi with a layer of good quick drying top coat. Voila! Pretty feet for weeks.

DIY Home Pedicures

Great Tip for Making Home Pedicures Last: Add a fresh layer of top coat every few days.

If you happen to get some polish on your skin, no worries, it comes right off in the shower or get a q-tip dipped in acetone to remove it immediately. Home pedicures tend to last much longer than manicures because most folks wash their hands way more often than their feet. See, having pretty feet can be done so easily, now let’s all hop on the bandwagon and keep America’s feet beautiful.

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