The Best Dark Spot Treatments

The Best Dark Spot Treatments - Beauty Awesome

Sometimes we need a little more than mother nature’s help to treat our skin problems. While we can all agree that natural solutions can be effective and great on the wallet, there are times when we just have to rely on science and guys in white lab coats to beautify ourselves more efficiently. Certainly using some DIY home remedies in conjunction with a store bought treatment can be a great combination to combat your skin issues with the best results. We gave you some fantastic home remedy tips to treat dark spots in our last article. Now, let’s look at some of our top recs for those ugly dark spots. We wouldn’t call these the BEST dark spot treatments if it weren’t true.

Yves Rocher Exceptional Youth Dark Spot Corrector

A great middle range product that yields quality results, the Yves Rocher Dark Spot Corrector is definitely considered a good buy in our book. When it comes to dark spot treatments, we rank this one pretty high. You can’t beat the price! Follow the directions for use, and you should see results in about 1 month’s time. >> 50% off CLICK HERE <<

Top Products to Combat Dark Spots

From the Manufacturer:
An exceptional beauty care for a perfect complexion and incomparable radiance! The extraordinary brightening power of Licorice and the powerful anti-aging effectiveness of White Lupin are concentred in a product line with visible effectiveness. The gel-cream formula of the Exceptional Youth Dark Spot Corrector reduces the appearance of dark spots. Result: – immediately, skin texture appears smoother and more refined, – in one month, the appearance of dark spots seems reduced and skin recovers original radiance. To be used under the usual cream. The Plus: a precise applicator tip that perfectly targets dark spots. – Formula tested under dermatological supervision, – Paraben free, colorant free, mineral oil free. 0.47 fl.oz. / 14 ml Tube

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Consistently ranked as one of the best dark spot correctors by magazines, bloggers and beauty sites, you can’t go wrong with the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. Perfect for all skin types, and should be used in conjunction with sunscreen, twice daily for optimum results.
Top Dark Spot Correctors
From the Manufacturer:
Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is a brightening treatment consisting of blackout yeast extract that helps break up large dark pigment spots into microscopic particles, and salicylic acid which provides exfoliation and helps remove pigmented skin cells. Includes ingredients such as antioxidants to prevent dark spots caused by excess melanin production. After use, your skin will be even and brighter looking.

Sisley Intensive Dark Spot Corrector

If your dark spot treatments need superpowers, we might have one for you. This powerful serum is intended for intense spot treatment for your more challenging dark spots. A little goes a long way with this stuff, which is ideal since it is on the pricier side.

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Top Dark Spot Correctors
From the Manufacturer:
An intensive dark spot skin care treatment for targeted application which acts on the size and intensity of all dark spots irrespective of age and skin tone. Exclusive patented Phyto-Blanc complex for proven lightening action on dark spots. Extract of Barbary Fig blossom and Salicylic Acid known for their soft exfoliating properties. Naturally derived Alpha-bisabolol and Salicylic acid, with soothing properties, for action on dark spots due to skin imperfections. After 4 weeks, dark spots due to aging, sun and skin imperfections appear lightened. The product promotes an even complexion.

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