Spring Beauty Colors to Incorporate into Your Look

Spring Beauty Colors to Incorporate into Your Look

Today’s trends differ from those in years past in that it’s no longer faux pas to continue to wear shades more typically associated with winter or fall. The bold lip color look is still in style, so who says you have to succumb to a lighter palette when the temperature warms up? Find out what’s hot for this year’s spring beauty looks.

Yves Rocher Portable Makeup Palette
From the faces on this season’s runway models, blue is this year’s go to color. Everything from metallic to deep, bold shades of navy is the new “it” color for spring. For those who are bolder with makeup trends, try a navy shadow to accentuate this season’s color. Even bolder? Hair coloring in a variety of shades is the all the rage, and the latest comes in the form of denim inspired hair. You heard it right, your hair can be the color of your favorite pair of Levi’s. Done in the proper way, the look can be quite stunning but will require some major upkeep. The more conservative route to trying out this new trend would be testing out a blue hued eyeliner. A metallic blend of blue will give your eyes a little sparkle to take you from day to evening.

Girl Doing Her Make Up Applying Lipstick To Her Lips - Beauty Awesome

Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Lipstick - Bright Red
Deep red, wine and cherry hued lips are still in effect. No need to tuck those lipsticks away with your winter coats and scarves. These classic colors will look great year round, just be sure to stick with the rule of only highlighting one area of your face with a bold color. If you choose the lips, stick with a more neutral or simplistic eye shade to keep the attention on the lower half of your face and showcase a more modern style.

Bronzed skin is also a trend emerging for this season. We’re not talking the self-tanning induced, over-sprayed Jersey Shore cast member look. More like the “just spent a few days at the beach, but wore good sunscreen and have a healthy glow” type of bronzed. Nothing too dark or drastic, just a few shades above your natural skin tone.

You don’t have to follow the sometimes outlandish trends off the runway to keep your style current. Modify any of the looks with the less is more approach and experiment with what looks best for your skin and your overall style.

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