Product Recommendation: Skinny & Co. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

cold pressed coconut oil

The benefits of coconut oil are vast. Helping with everything from weight loss, to rashes to moisturizing it is indeed a superfood. If you’re going to use any natural ingredient, as close to nature is best. And since you are not likely to extract your own oil from a coconut, we would recommend purchasing one such as Skinny & Co. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. Their version is 100% raw, making it as close to natural as you can get. A little goes a long way, and since it can be used for cooking or applying topically the versatility of cocconut oil helps to offset the cost of it.

Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed

Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed

From the Manufacturer:
If you haven’t yet discovered the myriad benefits of coconut oil, prepare to be wowed. We use it in cooking and baking, and it’s even taking over our medicine cabinet (turns out it works as a hair conditioner, mouthwash, and even teeth whitener!). Skinny & Co.’s version is cold-pressed and 100% raw, so it’s the closest you can get to the original ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. Using the highest quality oil makes a huge difference whenever we use it — and this variety is premium, with a light fragrance and smooth texture. Made in: Vietnam. Made of: Raw coconut. Size: 16.9oz (500 ml). Shelf life is 2 years.

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