Do You Need Peptides?

Beauty Ingredients That Work Wonders

Peptides have become a keyword staple in many high end beauty related products but do you even know what they are? Do they work? And, more importantly, do you even need them?

Essentially, peptides have the same chemical structure as proteins, but their compounds are not as long. Take a look at any cosmetic label and you may see them listed as tripeptides or dipeptides. The difference in name correlates to the number of amino acids they contain. A dipeptide has two amino acids, tripeptide has three amino acids and a tetrapeptide has four amino acids. And so on and so forth.

Peptides, serve an important role in maintaining a healthy complexion. When collagen in your skin is broken down, it creates specific peptides which signal to your skin that it was damaged and needs to make new collagen. So when peptides are applied topically, we are essentially attempting to mimic the recent loss of collagen to our skin so that it can produce more.

Anti-aging skincare products have various synthetic peptides available which are used for many differing roles. A few appear in ingredients’ lists by a trade name such as Matrixyl or Argireline, which could be a combination of more than one peptide. Some help control the appearance of wrinkles by limiting the neurotransmitters that control your facial muscles, much like a topical version of what Botox would do.

When chosen and formulated accurately, Peptides possess very high biological potency. A minimal amount is necessary to achieve the specific results desired. As with many beauty products on the market touting a youthful appearance and glowing skin, it is all relative to the individual consumers as to a product’s effectiveness. Though science dictates that these are the intended results, there has yet to be confirmation for any specific formulation achieving 100% of the results desired 100% of the time. But, then again, nothing in life is really a guarantee so just go for what works best for you and your skin.

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