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Spring has sprung! There is still snow in some places, but let us assure you that warmer weather is coming. While we wait for the snow to dry off or if you’re one of the lucky ones already sunning yourself on the beach, let’s discuss what type of makeup palette you will need this Spring. If you’re still using the one your friend gave you for your birthday 10 years ago, throw it away! Forget the fact that the colors are old and outdated. Things expire, and you don’t want toxic ingredients on your skin. That’s why cleaning your brushes is super important. More on that later…. Let’s get back to makeup palettes. Shall we?

Yves Rocher Portable Makeup Palette

Our last article discussed some hot Spring colors to incorporate into your look. Spring is all about keeping it natural and light and whimsical. Try combining neutrals with some bolder colors. We know how some of you LOVE your bold colors. Not only that, but you never know when you’re going to need those bold colors. Red sexy and hot lips are always in regardless of the season. Yes, we said it: ALWAYS! Just ask any guy. 😉 That’s why the variety in this makeup palette is seriously tops. It has something for everyone and for every occasion. With this variety in colors, it will put you through the Spring, Summer, and possibly into the fall.

Makeup Palette

From the manufacturer:
A treasure chest of colors!
54 irresistible shades for multitude of looks!
This unique makeup palette will let you reinvent your look every day!
– 24 Eyeshadows
– 24 Lip gloss
– 6 Illuminating blushes
– 5 Essential accessories.

High quality, paraben-free formulas tested under dermatological supervision.

Bonus +: A plum- colored box that you can use as a Jewelry Box.

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Makeup Palette

By the way:
We started an eye shadow board on PINTEREST because we love eye makeup. It’s a great way to get inspired when you’re putting on makeup to go out. Happy Spring!

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