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A skin rash is nobody’s friend. They not only look atrocious, but can drive you completely crazy when they are the itching gotta-scratch-it kind. Whether you have a reaction from laundry detergent, lotion, or a food allergy, to something more sever such as eczema or psoriasis there are several natural ways you can soothe the flare up.

Natural is your best bet when treating a skin irritation, as there may be other harmful additives such as parabens included in chemical based products. Those types of ingredients may alleviate itching but can lead to hormone problems and cause potential damage to internal organs. Here are a few solutions that you may actually already have stocked in your kitchen pantry which can naturally cure the rash.

Coconut and tea tree oil combined make an excellent itch relief ointment. Tea tree oil is known as a powerful anti-fungal, which is ideal when dealing with fungal rashes such as ringworm or psoriasis. Apply the combination of the two after showering, and pat dry yourself once it has set as a daily relief.

Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed
Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed
Apple cider vinegar has recently received positive press for all of its health benefits when ingested, but applied topically it has the ability to treat skin issues such as acne and fungal rashes. What makes it so potent is its anti-microbial properties. Combine it with the tea tree coconut oil balm above for maximum results.

Aloe Vera is a time tested, highly revered natural remedy known to heal all types of skin irritations. From sunburns, cuts, to poison ivy, Aloe Vera had been used for centuries as a go to first aid agent. It’s cooling properties soothes the skin and relieves itching or burning immediately. You can use it straight from the plant or as a gel or cream form found for purchase just about anywhere.

If you notice that your skin rashes continue even with treatment, you may want to consider a possible food allergy as the cause. Determining the source of your rash will ultimately lead to the best path for treatment, whether it be a home remedy or otherwise.

And, in the unlikely event that these natural home remedies do not provide you with a measure of relief, consult with a dermatologist or your general practice physician.

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