Facial Care Tips for Oily Skin

Facial Care Tips for Oily Skin

Those of us who face the challenge of having oily skin, are often trying to combat the onset of skin breakouts, and struggle with maintaining the right balance to keeping a healthy complexion, with or without the use of makeup. On the plus side, oily skin is less prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging largely due to the oil trapping moisture into the out-most layer of the skin.

It goes without saying that keeping clean is a good thing. The number one tip for combating an oily complexion is the easiest, simply washing your face two to three times daily. The goal is to remove clogged pores and dirt, but be sure to use gentle, oil free gel or foaming cleansers. The less abrasive, the better as to not strip your skin of it’s natural oils, which in turn leads the sebaceous glands to create more oil as a protective barrier.

While over-scrubbing and abrasive cleansing techniques are a no-no for daily routines, exfoliation one to two times per week is encouraged. Making sure to be gentle in the process, the exfoliating removes pore clogging dead skin cells and dirt which are the main cause of acne, blackheads and and whiteheads. After exfoliation, follow up your routine with a nourishing face mask. This will help bring hydration, vitamins and control the oil production.

Daily use of a toner will help to banish excess oil and eliminate dirt from your face. Be on the lookout for alcohol-free products as they will not damage your skin cells.

With all the cleansing, toning and exfoliating, don’t skip out on the moisturizer. Yes, you are trying to remove the excess oil, but your skin does still needs to maintain some moisture in order to keep a healthy balance. When you strip the skin of its natural oils, it causes the sebaceous glands to kick into high gear to produce more oil to compensate. Your best bet is finding products that are oil free and water based.
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Sunscreen is a necessity for everyone, oily complexion or not. Leaving your skin unprotected from the sun can lead to sunspots, freckles, brown spots and, worst case, melanoma. A gel-based formula will give you a matte face and still allow for appropriate protection from UV rays.

When getting into a routine of maintaining a healthy complexion, consistency is key. It may seem like a lot but once you get going and see the results, it will seem like no work at all to give yourself the skin you always wanted.

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