Home Remedies to Heal Your Rash

Home Remedies to Heal Your Rash - Beauty Awesome

A skin rash is nobody’s friend. They not only look atrocious, but can drive you completely crazy when they are the itching gotta-scratch-it kind. Whether you have a reaction from laundry detergent, lotion, or a food allergy, to something more sever such as eczema or psoriasis there are several natural ways you can soothe the […]

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What to Eat for a Healthy Complexion

Foods for a Healthy Complexion

There’s some credibility to the saying “You are what you eat.” What you consume has a huge impact on not just your overall health but the way your skin looks as well. Breakouts occur when there’s bacteria or excess dirt/oil in your pores, but nutrients, or the lack thereof, can play a significant role in […]

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