6 Must Try DIY Face Masks

6 must try DIY Face Masks - Beauty Awesome

Who needs a fancy schmancy spa to get some much needed pampering? Sure having someone massage your face and do all the work for you is a pleasant luxury, but at the outrageous price tags some of these spas charge, you can certainly yield the same results at a fraction of the cost doing it yourself at home. Grab a few friends for a girl’s night in and pamper yourself with some of these excellent DIY face masks.

The Brightener by Healthy Maven

The Best DIY Face Masks

For this first recipe from super blogger The Healthy Maven, simple ingredients found in your cupboard can create a designed to brighten your skin. Mix in smashed pumpkin, turmeric and lemon for a mask that will take your face from dull to divine.

Honey Cinnamon Nutmeg Face Mask by Liz Marie

Best DIY Face Masks

This next mask is super easy as and will have you smelling sweet as pie! Just 3 simple ingredients is all you need. You’ll be tempted to want to taste (technically you could eat it if you wanted to) this Honey Cinnamon Nutmeg Face Mask by the talented Liz Marie.

Nourishing Face Mask by The Almost Exactly Blog

Best DIY Face Masks

DIY face masks are easier than you think.For all the money that one could easily spend on beauty products, would you even believe that it’s possible to create a face mask with only two simple ingredients? Neither could we until we saw what the Almost Exactly Blog was able to formulate.

Strawberry Face Mask by Kristin Eldridge

Best DIY Face Masks

Here’s another fantastic two ingredient face mask simply using fresh strawberries and greek yogurt. It’s mind blowing how these delicious ingredients taste so yummy in your tummy but are just as great to slather all over your face.

Season Fruit Masks by The Organic Beauty Blogger

Best DIY Face Masks

With summer quickly approaching, using seasonal fruits such as raspberries can be healthy for your skin and pocketbooks. The Organic Beauty Blogger features five amazing DIY face masks that will be sure to keep your skin fresh.

Pumpkin Mask by Primally Inspired

Best DIY Face Masks

Our last recommendation is this Pumpkin Mask by the awesome Primally Inspired. With its numerous health benefits, pumpkin is an excellent ingredient to help those suffering from acne keep it under control. This mask is a must try for all skin types.

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