$25 Starbucks Coffee Giveaway – Lose an Hour of Sleep, Gain a Cup of Coffee on Us!

Lose an hour. Gain a cup of coffee.


Daylight Savings might soon be a thing of the past for residents of California. Local law makers have introduced a bill calling for the end of extended day light hours where we “spring” our clocks forward one hour to take advantage of extra day light time. The reasoning for the push? The assemblymen behind the bill say that their elderly constituents have difficulty sleeping, which heavily impacts their lives. Those opposed believe that people are much more productive when there is more light outside. Others backup Daylight Savings saying that the extra sun light helps to combat depression. The issue seems to be a hot topic amongst many as California voters approved to do without year round Standard Time back in 1949. If the bill is approved, it will only affect Californians, but could likely cause much confusing for wearing travelers coming in and out of Los Angeles and San Francisco being two of the largest metropolitan cities in the country. Whichever the outcome, coffee will be a nice comfort to have for either situation. Enter in this month’s coffee giveaway to treat yourself to a great cup of joe on us.

Giveaway Details

No one like’s to lose that precious hour of beauty sleep, we feel your pain. Enter in our coffee giveaway this month and you could win a $25 Starbucks gift card on us to get yourself back on track after Daylight Savings time. Free coffee always helps ease the pain of that lost hour of rest!

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Other details:
Giveaway ends March 14th. We will contact the winner via email on March 15th. Entrants must be 18+ up and live in the contiguous U.S. (no Puerto Rico).

Good luck!

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